Episode 139. Freedom First: Donald Rainwater’s Campaign for Governor

Show Notes

Episode 139. Freedom First: Donald Rainwater’s Campaign for Governor


In this episode of the Forge of Freedom podcast, host Alex Ooley interviews Donald Rainwater, a candidate for governor of Indiana. Rainwater discusses his background, the importance of limited government and libertarian values, and his plans for tax reform and drug policy. He emphasizes the need to reduce property taxes and eliminate the state income tax, as well as decriminalize and legalize cannabis. Rainwater believes that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices and that government should not interfere in personal decisions. 

In this conversation, Donald Rainwater discusses the importance of voting based on principle rather than choosing the lesser of two evils. He emphasizes the need to take back our unalienable rights and rein in government when it violates those rights. Rainwater advocates for real universal school choice, criticizing the current education system and the lack of true choice in Indiana. He also expresses his opposition to red flag laws, highlighting the potential for abuse and the infringement on Second Amendment rights. Rainwater addresses the challenges he faces in participating in debates and calls on voters to support his campaign for a smaller, more efficient, and more effective government.



00:00 Introduction and Background

07:42 The Need for Limited Government

09:18 Tax Reform: Reducing Property Taxes

29:52 Drug Policy: Decriminalizing and Legalizing Cannabis

33:24 The Importance of Self-Ownership and Limited Government

40:16 Voting Based on Principle

41:34 Reclaiming Our Unalienable Rights

42:21 Real Universal School Choice

45:20 Opposing Red Flag Laws

52:53 Challenges in Participating in Debates

01:17:52 Support Donald Rainwater




Rainwater for Indiana










Mike Braun Advocates National Red Flag Law



Forge of Freedom (Episode 32 with Donald Rainwater)




  • Donald Rainwater received a record number of votes for a third-party candidate in the 2020 Indiana gubernatorial race, highlighting the growing support for libertarian values.
  • Rainwater advocates for reducing property taxes and eliminating the state income tax to provide individuals with more control over their own finances.
  • He believes that cannabis should be treated like other legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco, and supports decriminalization and legalization.
  • Rainwater emphasizes the importance of individual freedom and limited government intervention in personal decisions. Vote based on principle, not the lesser of two evils
  • Rein in government when it violates our unalienable rights
  • Advocate for real universal school choice to improve education
  • Oppose red flag laws that infringe on Second Amendment rights
  • Challenges in participating in debates and the need for support in the campaign


Sound Bites

  • “Good ideas don’t require force.”
  • “We need less government, not more government.”
  • “Lowering the tax burden and cutting government, not making up certain taxes with other taxes.”
  • “Vote based on principle, not based on the theory of the lesser of two evils.”
  • “You have the right to take back your unalienable rights. They’re still yours.”
  • “Indiana gets relatively high marks in terms of educational freedom, but it’s not exactly truly universal school choice.”



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