About us

At the Forge of Freedom, we believe that freedom is the highest political goal, and we believe that individuals thrive where freedom and personal responsibility coexist. Without a populace that shares a passion for freedom and personal responsibility, the world can quickly devolve into tyranny, and it is our hope that this podcast can help motivate our listeners and those around them to create and preserve freedom for themselves and for future generations.

But the task of creating and preserving freedom is not an easy one. Freedom is not given to us by Government, and it is not passed on in the bloodstream. Freedom is forged through personal responsibility and continued vigilance, and we want to motivate you and equip you with the knowledge, the skills, and the attitude to develop your Body, Mind, and Soul for the task of living a freer life and creating a freer world.

We want you to have:

The Body of an Athlete,
The Mind of a Stoic, and
The Spirit of a Warrior

We want you to be The Forge of Freedom.