Legal Concepts for Concealed Carry & Self-Defense with a Firearm​

This is a Non-Shooting Course

This is a 5 hour class presented by licensed Indiana attorneys designed to promote a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a deadly force self-defense encounter and how to prepare for the legal consequences, which may arise in the aftermath of such an incident. There will be particular emphasis on awareness and avoidance of potentially life-threatening encounters. This course will provide useful introductory information to students relating to their legal obligations with respect to the justifiable use of deadly force and the consequences which may arise in the aftermath of such incidents. The course will also discuss legal issues for the concealed carry permit holder to include 2nd Amendment issues, “Castle Doctrine” and “Stand Your Ground,” reciprocity, travel, prohibited places, police encounters, civil liability,  and “insurance” issues.

In addition to attending a scheduled seminar, we also offer private groups the opportunity to host a seminar. If interested in setting up a seminar for your church, employees, homeowner association, etc., please contact us at 812-786-4188 or for more information.

Hours & Pricing

5 hours | $50.00​