Episode 110. Hackathorn on Lights: Are Weapon-Mounted Lights Overrated?

Show Notes:

Episode 110. Hackathorn on Lights: Are Weapon-Mounted Lights Overrated?

In this episode, Alex Ooley and Mike Ooley discuss the controversy surrounding weapon mounted lights. They address the misinterpretation of Ken Hackathorn’s comments and emphasize the importance of understanding his perspective. The conversation highlights the significance of training and the need to be cautious of influencers on the internet. They explore the necessity of handheld lights and the different missions for weapon mounted lights. Legal considerations and the advantages of both types of lights are also discussed. The episode concludes with a reminder to seek knowledge from experienced individuals and make informed decisions based on personal preference and circumstances.



  • Understand the context and perspective of controversial statements before forming an opinion.
  • Training is crucial and often overlooked in discussions about equipment.
  • Be cautious of influencers on the internet and seek knowledge from experienced individuals.
  • Consider your personal circumstances and mission when deciding on the necessity of weapon mounted lights.



00:00 Introduction

00:56 Controversy over Weapon Mounted Lights

05:47 Understanding Ken Hackathorn’s Perspective

06:12 Importance of Training

07:35 Be Cautious of Influencers on the Internet

08:32 Considerations for Weapon Mounted Lights

09:31 The Necessity of Handheld Lights

18:36 Different Missions for Weapon Mounted Lights

20:22 Understanding Your Mission as a Private Citizen

23:18 Legal Considerations of Weapon Mounted Lights

25:40 The Importance of Handheld Lights

29:27 Advantages of Handheld Lights

32:45 Advantages of Weapon Mounted Lights

37:07 The Journey of Knowledge and Personal Preference

38:23 Conclusion





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