The Trump VP Choice: Brace Yourself (Tom Woods and Dan McCarthy)

In this episode, Tom Woods is joined by Dan McCarthy to discuss the importance of selecting a vice president and the influence of the vice president’s office. They also delve into the history of neoconservatives in Republican administrations and the need for countervailing networks to counter their influence. The conversation explores potential vice presidential candidates and the considerations that should be taken into account, including loyalty to Trump and the dangers of identity politics. In this conversation, Dan McCarthy discusses potential candidates for the vice presidential position in the Republican party. He analyzes Elise Stefanik’s background and expresses concerns about her loyalty to Trump’s agenda. McCarthy also discusses the importance of minority representation in politics and the challenges faced by the right in gaining credit for diversity. He suggests JD Vance as a potential pick for vice president due to his loyalty to Trump and his appeal to working-class voters. McCarthy then introduces the new Modern Age website, highlighting its daily content and its aim to provide reflective material on conservative thought and philosophy.
  • The vice president’s office has historically been used as a power base for neoconservatives within Republican administrations.
  • The selection of a vice president is crucial as they have a high chance of becoming the Republican party’s nominee in the future.
  • Trump needs to be cautious in selecting a vice president who will remain loyal to him and his agenda, even after assuming the presidency.
  • Identity politics should not be the sole factor in choosing a vice president, as policy alignment and loyalty are more important considerations. Elise Stefanik’s background and previous associations with neoconservatism raise concerns about her loyalty to Trump’s agenda.
  • The vice president plays a critical role and should be carefully chosen based on their ability to support and advance the president’s agenda.
  • The right faces challenges in gaining credit for diversity initiatives, as they are often seen as tokenism rather than genuine efforts.
  • JD Vance is a promising candidate for vice president due to his loyalty to Trump and his ability to appeal to working-class voters.
  • The new Modern Age website provides a platform for deep philosophical reflection on current events and controversies, offering a long-term perspective on conservative thought.
00:00 Introduction and Book Promotion
01:24 Introduction to Dan McCarthy and Modern Age
03:44 Importance of Vice President Selection
09:56 Trump’s Personnel Choices
13:46 Influence of Vice President’s Office
19:31 Discussion on Potential VP Candidates
21:30 Considerations for VP Selection
25:18 Skepticism of Identity Politics
26:43 Elise Stefanik’s Background
28:10 Importance of the Vice President
29:08 Minority Representation in Politics
30:07 Likely Contenders for Vice President
35:26 JD Vance as a Potential Pick
38:20 The Value of Modern Age Journal
42:09 Introduction to the New Modern Age Website
44:30 Reflective Material on Modern Age Website
46:49 The Philosophy of Frank Meyer
50:36 The Importance of Modern Age Journal


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