Episode 111. The Forge of Freedom – Why Would an Innocent Person Plead Guilty? (rerun of Episode 18)

Show Notes:

Episode 111. The Forge of Freedom – Why Would an Innocent Person Plead Guilty? (rerun of Episode 18)

This episode explores the topic of innocent people pleading guilty in the criminal justice system. The host discusses the widespread problem of innocent individuals accepting plea deals, influenced by factors such as overcharging, the trial penalty, lack of adequate defense counsel, overcriminalization, and prosecutorial threats. The plea bargaining system is examined as a tool that prioritizes efficiency over justice. The episode concludes with a study that highlights the concerning number of innocent individuals who falsely plead guilty. Overall, the episode raises doubts about the accuracy and fairness of the plea bargaining system.



  • Innocent individuals often plead guilty due to the power and leverage of the criminal justice system.
  • Factors such as overcharging, the trial penalty, and inadequate defense counsel contribute to innocent people accepting plea deals.
  • Overcriminalization and the disconnect between morality and law create a coercive dynamic in the criminal justice system.
  • Prosecutorial threats and coercion, including targeting family members, further pressure innocent individuals to plead guilty.
  • The plea bargaining system prioritizes efficiency over justice, raising doubts about its accuracy and fairness.



00:00 The Widespread Problem of Innocent People Pleading Guilty

03:20 Factors Influencing Innocent People to Plead Guilty

05:42 The Trial Penalty and Public Defense Counsel

08:06 Overcharging and Lack of Recourse

09:47 Overcriminalization and Disconnect Between Morality and Law

14:02 Prosecutorial Threats and Coercion

15:49 The Plea Bargain as a Tool for Efficiency Over Justice

16:04 Study on Innocent Individuals Accepting Plea Deals




















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