Episode 112. Beyond the Beam: Gun Digest, Weapon Lights, and Responsible Self-Defense


Show Notes:

Episode 112. Beyond the Beam: Gun Digest, Weapon Lights, and Responsible Self-Defense

In this episode, Alex Ooley and Mike Ooley discuss various topics related to self-defense and firearms. They start by following up on the previous discussion about weapon-mounted lights and the support for Ken Hackathorn’s views. They then talk about the legal implications of pointing firearms and the practical and legal ramifications of using BB guns. The importance of training in self-defense is emphasized, and various training resources are recommended. The episode concludes with a discussion on the Second Amendment at the local level and a preview of the next episode.



  • Weapon-mounted lights can be a useful tool with proper training.
  • Pointing firearms, even with ambient light or light spillover, can have legal consequences and may escalate a situation.
  • BB guns and other non-lethal weapons can still cause serious bodily injury and have legal implications.
  • Training is crucial in self-defense and should not be overlooked when considering equipment.
  • There are various training resources available, such as Greg Ellifritz and Gunsite Academy.
  • The Second Amendment is being applied at the local level, and individuals should be aware of their rights and legal developments.




00:00 Introduction and Follow-up on Weapon Mounted Lights

01:39 Supporting Ken Hackathorn’s Discussion on Weapon Mounted Lights

12:44 The Legal and Practical Ramifications of BB Guns

25:41 Training Resources: Greg Ellifritz and Gunsite Academy

30:23 The Second Amendment at the Local Level

33:43 Closing Remarks and Preview of Next Episode




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