Episode 113. The Only Good One Is a Closed One: No Reform of Government Schools (with Marina Rocha)

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Episode 113. The Only Good One Is a Closed One: No Reform of Government Schools (with Marina Rocha)

In this episode, Marina Rocha discusses the problems with government schools and makes the case for their abolition. She highlights the lack of passion for learning and the indoctrination that occurs in these institutions. Marina also emphasizes the inefficiency of government schools and the negative impact on discipline and violence. She argues that positive rights, such as the right to education, can lead to confusion and undermine individual freedom. Marina concludes by exploring alternative options to government schools, such as homeschooling and private schooling. In this conversation, Marina discusses alternatives to government schools, including deregulation and homeschooling. She also talks about the history of public schools and their connection to war. Marina emphasizes the importance of parental rights and the need for resources and support for homeschooling. She also shares her perspective on the influence of Javier Milei in Brazil and the potential impact of inflation and the Federal Reserve. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of educational freedom and the challenges and opportunities in the current education system.



  • Government schools often stifle the passion for learning and promote indoctrination.
  • Reforming government schools may lead to more state control and regulation.
  • Government schools are inefficient and fail to produce desired results.
  • Positive rights, like the right to education, can undermine individual freedom.
  • Alternative options to government schools, such as homeschooling and private schooling, offer more freedom and better outcomes. Deregulation and homeschooling are viable alternatives to government schools.
  • The history of public schools is intertwined with war and the desire for conformity and control.
  • Parental rights should be respected and supported in education.
  • Resources and support for homeschooling are essential for its success.
  • The influence of political leaders can have a significant impact on educational policies and practices.
  • Inflation and the actions of the Federal Reserve can have long-term consequences for the economy and education.



00:00 Introduction and Background

01:26 Marina’s Connection with the Mises Institute and Work as an Economic Advisor

32:02 The Socialist Calculation Problem and Inefficiency of Government Schools

36:43 Issues with Discipline and Violence in Government Schools

39:04 Positive Rights and Confusion in Public Discourse

39:24 Alternatives to Government Schools

39:29 Alternatives to Government Schools

41:03 Eliminating the Department of Education

42:34 Homeschooling and Deregulation

46:18 The History of Public Schools and War

49:03 The Rights of the Child vs. the Rights of the Parent

52:31 Resources for Homeschooling

59:36 The Influence of Javier Malé in Brazil

01:02:44 Inflation and the Federal Reserve in Brazil

01:07:42 Closing Remarks



The Only Good One Is a Closed One: No Reform of Government Schools (Marina Rocha)



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