Episode 114. Glock Under Fire: Politicians Attempt to Shift Blame for Violence to Gun Manufacturers

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Episode 114. Glock Under Fire: Politicians Attempt to Shift Blame for Violence to Gun Manufacturers

In this episode, the hosts discuss the lawsuit filed by the city of Chicago against Glock, alleging that the company should be held responsible for the criminal misuse of their firearms. They also touch on the topic of soft on crime policies and the scapegoating of gun manufacturers. The hosts highlight the importance of individual responsibility and the need to be prepared to protect oneself. They also mention the creation of a National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center and its potential impact on gun rights.



  • Gun manufacturers are being targeted and sued in an attempt to bankrupt them and shift responsibility for criminal misuse of firearms.
  • Individuals must take responsibility for their own safety and be prepared to protect themselves.
  • The government’s attempts to restrict gun rights and hold manufacturers accountable for criminal acts infringe on individual freedoms.
  • The creation of a National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center poses a threat to due process and the Second Amendment.



00:00 Introduction

00:30 Transgender Day of Visibility and Easter

00:59 Discussion of Toronto Police Video

01:29 Lawsuit against Glock by City of Chicago

03:16 Advice to Be a Better Victim

04:15 Discussion of Glock Switches

06:15 Comparison to Lawsuit against Ford

07:10 Soft on Crime Policies and Scapegoating Glock

08:09 Discussion of Castle Doctrine

09:33 Lawsuit against Glock by City of Chicago

10:29 Discussion of Clearance Rate on Violent Crime

13:18 Discussion of Glock Switches

14:17 Government’s Attempt to Shift Responsibility

20:06 Discussion of Lawsuit and PLCAA

24:39 Discussion of National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center

30:13 Individual Responsibility and Tyranny

31:37 Quote from James Madison

39:46 Conclusion




Toronto police advises residents to leave car keys within easy reach for thieves to avoid violence – YouTube



Chicago Sues Glock for Endangering Chicagoans by Manufacturing and Selling Handguns that Can Be Easily Modified to Illegal Machine Guns | Everytown Law









NSSF Calls on Congress to Investigate Conspiracy Behind Chicago’s Lawsuit Against Glock – Bearing Arms



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Gun-v-Police.jpg (JPEG Image, 750 × 752 pixels)



Gun control | International Liberty



How They’ll Try to Sue Glock Into Oblivion – YouTube























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